We have made a complete guide of all possible FAQs. If you still can't find the answer or have any other queries, please contact us at customersupport@ticktocktools.com

Frequently Asked Questions

The unit takes 2 x AAA batteries which are included in the package.

Yes, absolutely! Every product we sell comes with easy to follow instructions.

The unit is comprised of a strong aluminum alloy frame as well as some plastic components and a non-slip rubber material for the buttons.  It is highly durable and sturdy.

Yes. Our tools are designed to be durable enough for use indoors or outdoors whether you use them a hundred times a day or only several times a month! The back light and the large display make it easy to see your results in normal levels of light or in dark conditions.

The batteries last quite a long time on our digital products especially because the back light will automatically shut off if not being used for 3 to 5 minutes for the digital angle finder and even less time than that for the laser distance meters.  Never worry about forgetting to turn your unit off!

The magnets should not be removed as they are built into the product's inner housing.  Removal would damage the functionality and balance of the tool.  However, depending on the project, a thin piece of bismuth between the unit and your surface should block the magnets from making a connection. Hope this helps.

Yes. You can zero the unit on any surface, vertical or horizontal, and measure absolute or relative angles from there. The unit will go into error mode if it is tilted forward or backward (meaning the display itself is facing towards the sky or the ground).

Yes!  It is very accurate.  Aside from the exact measurements you get when using the standard nylon tape for short measurements, the laser will accurately measure a distance of up to 197Ft/60 Meters to within 2 mm.

Our digital tape measure has a rechargeable, lithium ion battery that you do not have to replace or do anything with.  A Type C USB cable is included in the package for charging your unit.